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Throughout the year, Bloomfield Auctions conduct several Specialist Online Sales. Items for these sales are collated throughout the year and varies on a range of categories. Militaria & Police, Medals, Uniforms, Arms & Weaponry, Classic Cars, Antique Furniture & Porcelain/Ceramics, Silver Ware, Fine Art, Mid Century Furniture, Jewellery, Watches, Clocks, Coins, Stamps & Postcards Etc. In 2017, we recorded the highest level of Online Sales to date for the company with items being sent to as far away as California, Philippines, Germany & other parts of the world. Dates for these Specialist Sales are normally dictated as and when the items come in but are generally advertised well in advance.

If you have an item(s) and they are not on our Category list, please send us the details of the item(s) and we will have one of our specialist team get back to you.