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How to Sell

  1. Obtain a valuation on your items by contacting Bloomfield Auctions by telephone or email.  After having this conversation, it will be ascertained as regards to whether a valuer will come out to your home or property of where the items are, or you bring the items down to our premises or you should email photos of the items.

  2. Upon the valuer inspecting the items, he/she will be able to inform you as regards to if they are saleable, the potential value and whether or not a reserve should be placed.

  3. Should all parties be agreeable to selling the items, the valuer will then decide which sale the items will be placed to obtain maximum value.  At times Bloomfield Auctions conducts specialist online sales which the valuer may decide to keep for such an occasion and if not, it will go into our weekly auction which takes place every Tuesday commencing at 6.30pm.

  4. We open for payment on a Friday from 10am-2pm, however, if you are unable to make it down, we can send out a cheque or conduct an online transfer.

  5. Should an item not sell, we will contact you regarding how we move forward.  It could be by placing it back into the next auction, it could be to reduce the reserve if an item has one, it could be to dispose of an item if we see fit or it could be to arrange you to come and collect again.

  6. If an item is too big for you to transport to auction, we do have a partnership with a courier firm who has been working with Bloomfield Auctions for over 15 years.  We can give you their details for you or us to arrange.  Costs apply.

  7. Please note that all items sold are subject to commission, insurance & VAT at the agreed rate.  VAT is charged as Government directs.

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