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Winners and Losers of 2018

Happy New Year Ladies & Gentlemen.  We thought now would be a good time to look back at the winners & losers of 2018.  What were the highlights and the lowlights.

Let’s start with the losers of 2018, those items that either failed to gain any traction in prices or seen a drop in demand.  Antique furniture, especially that of the Edwardian & Victorian era seen a further drop in demand, in particular large chunky pieces of furniture.  Furniture pre-dating the Victorian era seen demand stabilise with demand remaining as it has been.  The pieces of furniture that were doing well were those smaller, quirkier pieces of furniture of the 19th, 18th & 17th Centuries, pieces that can easily fit into modern day homes and apartments.  Other furniture that seen demand continue to grow were that of the mid 20th Century era, as we call it retro furniture to include Ercol, G-Plan, Charles Eames and infamous Danish & Swedish brands.  Other losers were Royal Doulton figures and other collectible ornaments that were the staple of most households in the 80’s & 90’s.  Crystal has also seen demand drop unless it is Waterford or Tyrone and even then, demand isn’t great.

However, there were many highlights of 2018 and more to look forward to in 2019.  The collectibles, jewellery, silverware and art market all seen an increase in demand and prices achieving over and above expectations in many instances.  Military & Police Medals, Uniforms, Helmets, Bayonets, Swords, Deactivated & Antique Firearms remain the top performer of 2018 for Bloomfield Auctions with collectors purchasing from across the globe.  Antique, Art Deco & Vintage Jewellery came a close second.  More and more people are moving away from the traditional jeweller realising they can pick up a great piece of jewellery for a great deal less than what they would pay in a jewellery shop but we have noticed that people are looking for that something bit different.  Silver Ware slipped into Third place with collectors keen to increase their collection of good quality silver ware in particluar Irish Silver, Russian Silver & Chinese Silver and of course silver from England & Scotland.  Gold & Silver Coins are next on the list of good performers with people turning to safe investment being gold etc as markets remain volatile with Brexit and the likes.  Sovereigns, half soveriegns and many other gold & silver coins remain very much in demand and from what we can tell there seems to be a shortage.  Art has also seen a bit of a comeback especially good quality Irish Art and the big names.  Not only collectors but the private purchasers are back in the market for a good piece of art.  We are starting to see more bidding situations on art which hasn’t been seen for some time.  Other areas that seen big rises in 2018 included Bronzes, Oriental Pieces, Stamps, Postcards, Gents Watches, Pocket Watches, Masonic Items, Enamel Advertising Signs, Classic Cars & Motorbikes, Titanic Memorabalia, Irish Republican Memorabalia, Vintage Toys such as Dinky and Tin Plate Toys etc…..