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Bloomfield Auctions hold auctions on a weekly basis generally held from our premises and can be attended live in person or online via the Live Bidding tab on our own website. Each week there is an eclectic mix of items for sale but at certain times throughout the year when a specific collection has been consigned a specialist sale is normally held. Bloomfield Auctions have become well known as auctioneers of Jewellery & Watches, Militaria & Police Items, Coins & Banknotes, Irish & Other Silverware, Coins & Banknotes, Fine Irish & European Art and Antiques & Collectibles as well as many other categories. These have been the titles of many of our specialist sales all that have gained interest on a global scale. All of our sales are online via various platforms and command audiences from across the world ensuring that we explore all avenues possible to obtain the best possible price for our vendors. When it comes to be able to view the items that are for sale, we currently offer two viewing days prior to each sale, on the day before and the day of the sale and for those who wish to bid online, condition reports can be provided.

Auctions for many can still be daunting and people are generally unsure of how they actually work which is why the team at Bloomfield Auctions cater to the novice and to the more experienced visitor. In person, by telephone or by email a member of the team is always on hand to assist.

Making that first step into the world of seeing how much your item(s) or collection might be worth is an easy one. Valuing can be done inhouse at our premises, by sending us photographs via our Valuation tab or we can carry out a house visit for larger collections/items. All valuations are generally free unless required for Insurance or Probate purposes.

Bloomfield Auctions would be one of the largest auction houses in Northern Ireland built on decades of experience and trust by our clients some of which are single vendors to Government Departments to private organisations, some of which come back time and time again to avail of our services. We pride ourselves on being able to get the best possible price for our vendors and at the same time delivering a high level of customer service.