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Weekly Auctions

Bloomfield Auctions conduct an auction every Tuesday commencing at 6.30pm from our premises on the Beersbridge Road.  On average, we would sell 700 Lots with a huge eclectic mix of lots.  Viewing for our weekly auctions are on a Saturday 10.30am-1.00pm, Monday 10.00am-7.00pm & Tuesday 10.00am-6.00pm.  Photos of the majority of items for sale weekly are placed on our Facebook Page in album dated for the upcoming week.  We take items in every Wednesday & Thursday from 10.00am-5.00pm.  At our general weekly sale, we would have lots that can be sold for as little as a £1 or at times as much as into the 000’s.

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  • 141.jpg
    Auction Tuesday 5th February 2019
    Militaria & Police, Almost 100 Lots of Stunning Jewellery, Gold & Silver Coins, Silver Ware, Silver Jewellery, Stamps, Postcards, Masonic Jewels etc, Vintage Toys, Clocks & Watches, Pocket Watches, Oil Lamps, Taxidermy, Modern & Antique Furniture, Art, Teasets, Collectibles and much more......

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  • 180.jpg
    Auction Tuesday 29th January 2019
    Gold & Silver Coins, Banknotes, Stunning Gold Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Silver Ware, Stamps, Postcards, Teasets, Modern/Retro & Antique Furniture, Oil Lamps, Clocks, Watches, Fine Art and much much more....

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  • 146.jpg
    Auction Tuesday 22nd January 2019
    Stamps, Postcards, Third Reich Items, Moorcroft, Stunning Jewellery, Silver Ware, Gold & Silver Coins, RUC Lamp, Masonic Jewels, Royal Doulton, Teasets, Pocket & Wrist Watches, Clocks, Art, Modern & Antique Furniture, Collectibles and much more.....

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  • 015(1).jpg
    Auction Tuesday 15th January 2019
    Third Reich Items, Bayonets/Swords, Military Badges, Stunning Gold & Platinum Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Silver Ware, Clocks & Watches, Stamps & Coins & Postcards, Teasets, Tools, Oil Lamps, Art, Vintage Toys to inc Dinky, Vintage Movie Posters and much more....

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  • 227.jpg
    Auction Tuesday 8th January 2019
    Back with a bang this year folks and a good auction to start with RUC Items, Irish, Cork Silver Ware and English Silver Ware, Good Mix of Gold & Silver Jewellery, UVF Items, Good Quality Art, Pocket & Wrist Watches, Clocks, Prison Art, Antique & Modern Furniture, Stamps, Postcards, Royal Doulton, Nao, Lladro, Teasets, Street Signs, Coins & Currency, Vintage Toys, Fur Coats and much much more.....

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  • Auction Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th December 2018
    Almost 800 Lots for sale with a super eclectic mix. Over 200 Lots of Exquisite Jewellery, Over 100 Lots of Irish, English & Continental Silver Ware, Over 200 Lots of Fine Art, Over 100 Lots of Top Quality 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th Century Furniture, Over 100 Lots of Militaria & Police Items, Chinese & Oriental Ware, Antique Firearms, Porcelain & Ceramics, Taxidermy, Gold & Silver Coins, Watches & Clocks and so much more....

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  • 20181109_144312.jpg
    Auction Tuesday 13th November 2018
    Gold & Silver Jewellery, Silver Ware, Coins, Postcards, Art, Collectables, Banknotes, Tools, Antique Furniture, Clocks, Watches, Signed Football & Rugby Tops, Collectable Badges, Teasets and much much more....

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  • Auction Tuesday 6th November 2018
    Just under 700 Lots this week with everything from Gold & Silver Jewellery, Fine Art, Militaria, Stamps, Postcards, Coins & Banknotes, Watches & Clocks, Teasets, Lladro, Nao, Taxidermy, Pub Signs Etc, Vintage Toys, Silver Ware, Furniture, Collectables and much much more...

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  • 057.jpg
    Auction Tuesday 30th October 2018
    Almost 800 Lots in this week with good mix of items. Loads of Silver Jewellery and a good selection of Gold Jewellery too, Silver Ware, Quality Irish Art with names such as Colin Flack, JP Rooney, Wm Cunningham to name but a few, Orange Order Items, Beswick, Royal Doulton, Teasets, Modern & Antique Furniture, Stamps, Postcards, Coins and much much more...

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  • 256.jpg
    Auction Tuesday 23rd October 2018
    Just under 900 lots this week with superb eclectic mix to include RUC Items, Militaria, Medals, Masonic Jewels, Loads of Good Quality Gold & Silver Jewellery, Silver Ware, Postcards, Stamps, Fine Art, Royal Doulton, Vintage Toys, Beswick, Masons, Belleek, Clarice Cliff, Clocks, Watches, Coins & Banknotes, Goebel, Ulster Grand Prix Badges, Massey Ferguson Collectibles, Teasets, Trains, Movie Posters, Antique & Modern Furniture, Garden Furniture and much much more....

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